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Czechhunter 370 2018
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Petr was a wannabe businessman. When I met him, he was on the way home from a meeting. I’m sure he had great ambitions, boys from small towns are usually like that. He didn’t like my camera at all but his lust for money was stronger. I guess the business wasn’t going too well because he was very interested in my cash. I managed to get him into a nearby park where the real fun started. He had a girlfriend and was worried she might see the footage. Guys like that are so funny. All I had to do was to give him a good enough offer. The boy calmed down and we could continue. He reluctantly agreed to suck me off but talking him into anal was a real struggle. I don’t understand why he was so much against it. The guy even seemed to enjoy it! His ass swallowed my dick like nothing.

Wachtwoord: Pp5CzLtQ

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