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Paktofonika - Kinematografia
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Onlangs werd ik gewezen op dit album. Poolse rap/hiphop was niet bepaald iets waarin ik me ik me heb verdiept (laat staan dat de combinatie van Pools en hiphop in mijn optiek iets was wat niet samen kan gaan :-)) maar toch het album maar opgezet. Ondanks het feit dat ik geen flauw idee heb waar de mannen het over hebben is dit toch wel  vette shit!!". 
Beats, scratches, fijn gebruik van samples en loopjes; het zit er allemaal in.

Verwacht er van op voorhand niet te vele van, dan valt het allemaal reuze mee ;-) Nummer 5 (Powierzchnie tnące)is mijn persoonlijke topper.

1. "Na mocy paktu"
P. Łuszcz W. Alszer S. Salbert
Rahim 1:00
2. "Priorytety"
Łuszcz Alszer Salbert
Fokus Magik
3. "Gdyby..."
Łuszcz Alszer Salbert
Magik 3:22
4. "Ja to ja" (featuring Gutek)
Łuszcz Alszer Salbert P. Gutowski
Jajonasz 4:59
5. "Powierzchnie tnące" Salbert Fokus 3:35
6. "ToNieMY"
Łuszcz Alszer Salbert
Magik 3:46
7. "Popatrz (uliczny reportaż z dworca)" (featuring Sot) M. Zięba Paktofonika 2:16
8. "Chwile ulotne"
Łuszcz Alszer Salbert
Fokus 4:37
9. "Wc [Sot]" Łuszcz Rahim 0:49
10. "Nowiny" Łuszcz Magik 3:44
11. "Nie ma mnie dla nikogo"
Łuszcz Alszer Salbert
Fokus 6:00
12. "Jestem Bogiem"
Łuszcz Alszer Salbert
Kipper 3:22
13. "Lepiej być nie może"
Łuszcz Alszer Salbert
Fokus 4:58
14. "Rób co chcesz"
Łuszcz Alszer Salbert
Beny 5:47
15. "W moich kręgach" Salbert Rahim 4:00
16. "2 kilo" (featuring Dike, Kams, Laki, LO & OnAnOn)
Łuszcz Alszer Salbert D. Uchegbu E. Polychronidis
Paul D 11:05


Paktofonika was a Polish hip hop group from Katowice and Mikołów, which debuted with the album Kinematografia in 2000. The name Paktofonika comes from the words pakt (pact) and fonika (phonics), from which derives the idea of "A pact made alongside sounds from a speaker", created by band's founders, Magik and Rahim.

A film inspired by its story, titled Jesteś Bogiem and directed by Leszek Dawid, was released in May 2012. It became a box-office hit and the highest-selling Polish film of the year. It also won several film awards.

Kinematografia is the debut studio album by Polish hip-hop trio Paktofonika, released on December 18, 2000 on Gigant Records. The material for the project was being gathered for over two years from 1998 to 2000. The album was promoted with a single "Ja to ja", released on November 1, 2000.

The album peaked at number 2 on the Polish OLiS chart, almost 12 years after its original release. Kinematografia received Fryderyk award in "Best hip-hop album" category.T-Mobile Music placed the track "Chwile ulotne" on the list of "120 most important Polish hip-hop songs".

8 days after the album was released Magik committed suicide by jumping out of the window of his apartment situated on the ninth floor of the building, in Katowice. His death was extensively commented on media and in hip-hop community. Kinematografia is considered to be one of the most important album in Polish hip-hop history[by whom?]. As of 2012 the album has sold 65,000 copies in Poland.

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