<< WIN RollerCoaster Legends II - Thor's Hammer VR
RollerCoaster Legends II - Thor's Hammer VR

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RollerCoaster Legends II: Thor’s Hammer transports you to the mythical land of Loki and Thor. Travel to Asgard on the rainbow Bifröst before flying through the home of the Elves in Alfheim. Descend into Helheim, home of the dead, and zip through the cold winter weather of Niflheim while on a high-speed rollercoaster chase after the thief of Thor’s hammer, Loki.

Meet Thor and Loki in VR..Breathtaking environments..Exciting twists, turns, and drops..Interactive and experience options..Built for minimal discomfort..

<<>> Minimum System Requirements <<>>

<<>> Windows: 8/10..>> DUS NIET WIN 7 <<
<<>> Processor: Intel Core i3-6100
<<>> Memory: 8 GB RAM
<<>> Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
<<>> DirectX: 11/12
<<>> Languages: English/US

Genre: Tycoon/Building/Simulation


Veel plezier met je verzoekje!..bij deze..dan..grz the Hood!

NOTE: Installeren en/of Uitpakken en spelen maar!..

NOTE: De headsets voor virtual reality (VR) vereist HTC Vive en/of Oculus Rift.
>>>>> MORE nfo..kijk ff bij steam!!

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