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The Be Good Tanyas Discography

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The Be Good Tanyas play an old-timey blend of folk, country, and blues bolstered by sweet harmonies and traditional fingerpicking. The Vancouver trio has garnered comparisons to like-minded predecessors such as Gillian Welch and Iris DeMent. The group came together when Samantha Parton, who had spent her post-high-school years traveling with her guitar (drawing strong musical influence from visits to the Southern U.S.), returned to Vancouver. She and Jolie Holland initially formed the group, then added Frazey Ford and Trish Klein, whom Parton had met while planting trees in Nelson, British Columbia. (Ford and Winnipeg native Klein had met at Selkirk Music School in Nelson.) The musicians played together for the first time in 1999, busking outside the Lilith Fair venue in Vancouver. They soon moved on to local thrift store and coffee shop gigs. Holland left the group, and the remaining trio was soon touring Canada and released its debut album, Blue Horse, in 2001. Two years later, the ladies returned with the lighthearted sophomore effort Chinatown, while Hello Love, which included covers of Neil Young, Mississippi John Hurt, and even Prince, came out in 2006. The band officially went on hiatus in 2008, where it would remain until a performance at the 2011 Winnipeg Folk Festival. The following year saw the release of Collection, a career overview that included two new tracks


The Be Good Tanyas Discography

2000 - Blue Horse

01.The Littlest Birds
02.Broken Telephone
03.Rain and Snow
04.Lake of Pontchartrain
05.Only in the Past
06.The Coo Coo Bird
07.Dogsong aka Sleep Dog Lullaby
09.Don't You Fall
10.Up Against the Wall
11.Oh Susanna
12.Light Enough to Travel

2003 - Chinatown

01.Its Not Happening
02.Waiting Around to Die
03.Junkie Song
04.Ship Out on the Sea
05.Dogsong 2
06.Rowdy Blues
08.House of the Rising Sun
09.In Spite of All the Damage
10.Lonesome Blues
11.In My Time of Dying
12.I Wish My Baby Was Born
14.Midnight Moonlight

2006 - Hello Love

01.Human Thing
02.For the Turnstiles
03.A Thousand Tiny Pieces
04.Draft Daughter's Blues aka Ootischenia
05.A Little Blues
06.Scattered Leaves
07.Hello Love
08.Nobody Cares For Me
09.Out of the Wilderness
10.Song For R.
11.What Are They Doing in Heaven Today
12.Crow Waltz
13.When Doves Cry

2012 - A Collection

01. Draft Daughter's Blues aka Ootischenia
02. In My Time of Dying
03. The Littlest Birds
04. Only in the Past
05. Little Black Bear
06. Scattered Leaves
07. Waiting around to Die
08. Light Enough to Travel
09. Dogsong aka Sleep Dog Lullaby
10. Junkie Song
11. Rain and Snow
12. For the Turnstiles
13. Song for R
14. Oh Susanna
15. Ship out on the Sea
16. Gospel Song

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