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Apple MainStage 3.4.2
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Apple MainStage 3.4.2 MAS | Mac OS X | 1.24 GB.

With MainStage 3 can take your Mac to the stage with a full – screen interface optimized for live performances, control hardware high flexibility and a huge collection of modules and compatible sounds with Logic Pro X.

The final team to perform live
• Touch live with more than 80 modules of instruments, effects and MIDI or Audio Units plug – ins work with.
• Add sound from GarageBand and Logic Pro X to act with studio sound.
• Combine instruments and live sound, like vocals and keyboards, in the same patch.
• Pass a patch to another without interrupting the sound or cut sustained notes.
• Design keyboard patches layered and sliced, and other MIDI arpeggiator modules.
• Proceed with accompaniment tracks or multitrack stereo with Playback
• The 64 – bit architecture uses all the RAM of the system to use large sampled instruments

Control hardware
• Connect your favorite team and play and control modules with him.
• Use USB and MIDI controllers such as keyboards, drum pads and pedals.
• Set in seconds a variety of hardware with automatic device recognition.
• Quickly assign knobs, buttons and faders hardware to the screen controls.
• Handle with sophisticated equipment overview “Assignments and associations”.

Designed for stage
• Visualize only what you need during the performance with a customizable interface direct full screen.
• Screen controls are tailored to each patch using the Smart Controls.
• The Smart Controls offer dynamic performance controls that change with each patch.
• See screen Mac remotely via high – contrast view full screen.

Instrument modules
• Customizable Touch batteries, sampled and professionally mixed, thanks to Drum Kit Designer.
• Touch models faithful older keyboards with Vintage B3, Vintage Electric Piano and Vintage Clav.
• Unleash your inspiration with a collection of synthesizers that provides analog synthesis, wavetable, FM, additive, granular, spectral and modeling.
• Find sounds quickly or create your own with Alchemy, the ultimate synthesizer for handling samples.
• Touch or create a wide variety of high – quality sampled with EXS24 instruments.
• Turn your favorite hardware synths sampled with the new Auto Sampler module instruments.

MIDI modules
• instantly convert a single chord on a great performance with the arpeggiator.
• Play a single note to trigger predefined chords Chord Trigger.
• Interpret a piece and adjust the notes to a specific scale Transposer.

Effects of production and creativity
• Touch sounds through realistic acoustic spaces with convolution reverb Space Designer.
• Use stereo delay effects, multistage or old tape.
• Get the perfect mix with a number of equalizers, dynamic processors and other tools.

Guitars and basses
• Build your own guitar or bass with Amp Designer using microphones, boxes and classic and modern amplifiers.
• Design a custom Pedalboard from a collection of effects pedals delay, distortion and modulation.
• Access a full screen tuner to tune your instrument quickly.

Sound Library
• Over 1800 instrument and effect patches
• More than 750 meticulously sampled instruments
• 4600 Apple Loops and electronic genres of modern urban

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