<< MPG DEBT DANDY 262 (gay)
DEBT DANDY 262 (gay)
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Another boy screwed by his ungrateful girlfriend. He used to live with his love at her parents but things didn’t work out. The parents turned them against each other. She started to cheat on him and eventually kicked him out. Luckily, he had a friend in Prague who let him stay at his empty apartment. Our guy liked the opportunity to start a new life in the capital. Too bad the apartment didn’t stay empty for too long. There were new tenants moving in the next day and our boy had to leave. He asked me for 20 000 to rent a new place, otherwise he would be on the street. He was way too cute to be a hobo. I had to help him. I was hoping he would appreciate some manly entertainment after being cheated on by his scummy girlfriend.

Veel ruk en spuit plezier mannen.

Geef de server even de tijd

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