<< WMV Chechhunter 372 (gay)
Chechhunter 372 (gay)
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This young student was just wandering around Prague looking for things to buy. He didn’t mind my camera so we walked and talked for a while. The boy was cute but talking him into anything was unbelievably hard. I thought that students were supposed to be open-minded and crazy. I guess he was a bit nerdy. The guy was worried of people so we went to some empty construction yard near the river. He showed me his body and I really liked it. I wanted more, I wanted to stuff my cock in his cute mouth. We were just getting started when a security guard noticed us and we had to leave. You should have seen the boy’s face! He was red with embarrassment. We had to get out fast. Fortunately, I knew an ideal place that would allow him to show me all his hidden talents.

Veel ruk en spuit plezier mannen...

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