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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WiiJust Dance 20189MusicLabello3 weeks, 21 hours8.81 GBNZB
WiiWii Music5Actionlalaland1 month, 5 days632.75 MBNZB
NDS[3DS] Pokemon X - EUR5ActionFoxySoftware2 months, 1 week1.04 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Pokemon Ultra Sun - EUR4ActionFoxySoftware2 months, 1 week2.02 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby - USA5ActionFoxySoftware2 months, 1 week1.31 GBNZB
WiiMonster Jam Crush It ! NINTENDO SWITCH EUROPE10RaceThePingPong4 months, 5 days2.03 GBNZB
NDSThe 25 best Nintendo switch games14ActionX3N04 months, 2 weeks72.89 GBNZB
WiiCollection off 677 SNES roms + Emulator18ActionTheChup6 months, 2 weeks585.78 MBNZB
WiiCollection off 758 NES roms + Emulator11ActionTheChup6 months, 2 weeks73.12 MBNZB
GBACollection off 165 GBA roms + Emulator11ActionTheChup6 months, 3 weeks811.59 MBNZB
GBACollection off all GameBoy Color games + Emulator16ActionTheChup6 months, 4 weeks248.28 MBNZB
GBACollection off all GameBoy games + Emulator6ActionTheChup6 months, 4 weeks79.76 MBNZB
WiiSuper Mario Party ---! SWITCH !---17FamilyFransad7 months, 1 week3.19 GBNZB
NDSDragon Ball FighterZ NSW-HR - Switch2PlatformEagleforce7 months, 2 weeks7.23 GBNZB
NDSNintendo DS Rom Collection - 397 of the best games + Translations12ActionTheChup9 months, 5 days18.77 GBNZB
WiiBatman: The Telltale Series (NSW)4AdventureFBlack1 year, 2 months7.3 GBNZB
Wii2Gewoon Dansen30ActionRanzigeRemy1 year, 6 months4.68 GBNZB
WiiLets Sing 2018 PAL MULTi5 Wii-PUSSYCAT8MusicReetVeter1 year, 6 months4.93 GBNZB
Wii3Just Dance 2018 PAL MULTi6 Wii-PUSSYCAT48MusicReetVeter1 year, 6 months4.94 GBNZB
NDS6 nieuwe 3DS spellen24ActionReetVeter1 year, 6 months8.34 GBNZB
Wii1Just Dance 2018 - PAL Wii35MusicBlubberman4u1 year, 6 months3.57 GBNZB
Wii1[Wii-U] Just Dance 2018 (2017) EUR WUD6MusicBlubberman4u1 year, 6 months17.74 GBNZB
NDS2[3DS] Super mario maker16PlatformNintendoFan1 year, 9 months366.29 MBNZB
NDS1[3DS] Mario kart 719RaceNintendoFan1 year, 9 months1 GBNZB
NDS1[3DS] Animal crossing New Leaf8RoleplayingNintendoFan1 year, 9 months2 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Mike the knight / Mike de ridder [Nederlandstalig]6Child/youthNintendoFan1 year, 9 months128.01 MBNZB
NDS[3DS] Dragon ball Fusions3StrategyNintendoFan1 year, 9 months1 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Harvest Moon: Skytree Village5NintendoFan1 year, 9 months256.01 MBNZB
NDS1[3DS] Mario party - Island tour (Nederlandstalig)20FamilyNintendoFan1 year, 9 months512.03 MBNZB
NDS[3DS] Tomodachi Life - Nederlandstalige versie4AdventureNintendoFan1 year, 9 months450 MBNZB
NDS[3DS] Poochy Yoshi Wooly World - Nederlandstalig5PlatformNintendoFan1 year, 9 months1 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Yo Kai Watch 2 - Giga Geesten - Nederlandstalig3AdventureNintendoFan1 year, 9 months3.03 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Yo Kai Watch 2 - Skelet Spoken - Nederlandstalig3AdventureNintendoFan1 year, 9 months3.03 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Hey Pikmin! - Nederlandstalig10AdventureNintendoFan1 year, 9 months454.69 MBNZB
NDS[3DS] RPG Maker Fes - Nederlandstalig4RoleplayingNintendoFan1 year, 9 months428.68 MBNZB
NDS[3DS] Miitopia - Nederlandstalig9AdventureNintendoFan1 year, 9 months953.62 MBNZB
NDS[3DS] Ever oasis - Nederlandstalig6AdventureNintendoFan1 year, 9 months905.18 MBNZB
NDS[3DS] Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (2017)(EU)(M6)4ActionKPR2 years, 13 hours1.85 GBNZB
NDS1[3DS] Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King (2017)(EU)(M5)4Actionmagnateking2 years, 1 month3.47 GBNZB
WiiJust Dance Disney Party 2 - Pal Wii11MusicGuns712 years, 2 months4.81 GBNZB
WiiJust Dance Kids 2014 - Pal Wii3MusicGuns712 years, 2 months4.89 GBNZB
Wii2Just Dance 2017 - Pal Wii35MusicGuns712 years, 2 months4.89 GBNZB
WiiJust Dance 2015 - Pal Wii4MusicGuns712 years, 2 months4.89 GBNZB
NDSMario Sports Superstars EUR MULTI6 3DS-LiGHTFORCE10Adventuremagnateking2 years, 2 months999.9 MBNZB
Wii[WIIU] The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild (2017)(EUR)(M6) + UPDATE v16 -Loadiine Ready2Play-41Actionmagnateking2 years, 2 months11.94 GBNZB
WiiThe Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild EUR WiiU-VENOM17AdventureKPR2 years, 2 months15.42 GBNZB
Wii1Hello Kitty Kruisers MULTi5 COMPLETE EUR WiiU-LaKiTu3Child/youthKPR2 years, 2 months2.36 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Dragon Ball Fusions (RF)17ActionSpanny2 years, 3 months3 KBNZB
NDS[3DS] Pokemon Moon 4GB (.3DS) RF (werkt op sky3ds+)23ActionSpanny2 years, 3 months3 KBNZB
NDS1Super Mario Maker 3DS (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Ru)14RoleplayingSpanny2 years, 3 months3 KBNZB
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