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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WINGrim Tales 16 - The Nomad CE - NL5AdventureKwiebus652 hours, 4 minutes900.33 MBNZB
WINHiddenverse Witch's Tales 215AdventureKwiebus655 days, 5 minutes141.44 MBNZB
WINMatchmension House of Mist5BoardgameKwiebus655 days, 14 minutes165.67 MBNZB
WINHeart of Moon The Mask of Seasons NL6BoardgameKwiebus655 days, 1 hour110.99 MBNZB
WINBridge to Another World 6 - Gulliver Syndrome CE - NL29AdventureKwiebus651 week, 2 days927.61 MBNZB
WINQueen's Tales 2 Sins of the Past CE NL20AdventureKwiebus651 week, 4 days1 GBNZB
WINMoai 6 Unexpected Guests NL5ActionKwiebus651 week, 4 days408.1 MBNZB
WINEnthralling Realms 3 The Blacksmith's Revenge NL6BoardgameKwiebus651 week, 4 days102.46 MBNZB
WIN1Outlaws Corwin's Treasure13AdventureKwiebus651 week, 5 days517.18 MBNZB
WINArchimedes Eureka! Collector's Edition (nieuw)12ActionKwiebus651 week, 5 days276.27 MBNZB
WINTrue Fear Forsaken Souls Part II NL16AdventureKwiebus652 weeks, 4 days802.62 MBNZB
WINReveries 2 Soul Collector CE NL19AdventureKwiebus652 weeks, 4 days826.42 MBNZB
WINTravel Mosaics 3 Tokyo Animated NL9PuzzleKwiebus652 weeks, 4 days214.89 MBNZB
WINHob NL4AdventureKwiebus652 weeks, 5 days2.31 GBNZB
WINHello Neighbor NL4ActionKwiebus652 weeks, 5 days2.09 GBNZB
WINClouds and Sheep 2 NL3SimulationKwiebus652 weeks, 5 days220.8 MBNZB
WINParanormal Files 2 - The Tall Man CE - NL25AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 1 day1.07 GBNZB
WINEnchanted Kingdom - Fog of Rivershire CE17AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 4 days1.82 GBNZB
WINA Plot Story NL15AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 4 days147.12 MBNZB
WINFoundation NL5SimulationKwiebus653 weeks, 4 days1.45 GBNZB
WINArgonauts Agency Golden Fleece NL2ActionKwiebus653 weeks, 4 days160.06 MBNZB
WINHiddenverse 2 Tale of Ariadna18AdventureKwiebus651 month, 2 days214.19 MBNZB
WINDark City 2 Munich CE NL25AdventureKwiebus651 month, 2 days1.26 GBNZB
WINHiddenverse 1 The Iron Tower16AdventureKwiebus651 month, 2 days186.23 MBNZB
WINMoai 5 New Generation NL3ActionKwiebus651 month, 2 days585.49 MBNZB
WINEnthralling Realms 2 An Alchemist's Tale NL8BoardgameKwiebus651 month, 2 days78.35 MBNZB
WIN1Punished Talents 2 - Stolen Awards CE - NL25AdventureKwiebus651 month, 1 week1.28 GBNZB
WINDark Romance 9 A Performance to Die For NL31AdventureKwiebus651 month, 1 week1.91 GBNZB
WINDark City London NL30AdventureKwiebus651 month, 1 week1.22 GBNZB
WINStorm Tale NL9BoardgameKwiebus651 month, 1 week101.82 MBNZB
WINClutter 1000 NL21AdventureKwiebus651 month, 2 weeks318.18 MBNZB
WINCity Game Studio NL1SimulationKwiebus651 month, 2 weeks464.94 MBNZB
WINLabyrinths of the World 8 When Worlds Collide CE NL33AdventureKwiebus651 month, 3 weeks1.84 GBNZB
WIN2Hidden Fears NL (Nieuwe versie)18AdventureKwiebus651 month, 3 weeks663.29 MBNZB
WINLeague of Mermaids NL3BoardgameKwiebus651 month, 3 weeks85.88 MBNZB
WINDig The Ground NL4PuzzleKwiebus651 month, 3 weeks105.89 MBNZB
WINChimeras 2 The Signs of Prophecy14AdventureKwiebus651 month, 3 weeks933.21 MBNZB
WINChimeras Tune of Revenge16AdventureKwiebus651 month, 3 weeks715.46 MBNZB
WINStormhill Mystery Family Shadows NL19AdventureKwiebus652 months, 2 days888.2 MBNZB
WINRainbow Mosaics 11 Helper’s Valentine5AdventureKwiebus652 months, 2 days54.26 MBNZB
WINJewel Match Solitaire L'Amour NL13CardsKwiebus652 months, 2 days134.04 MBNZB
WINReflections of Life 7 - Slipping Hope CE - NL19AdventureKwiebus652 months, 6 days921.07 MBNZB
WINAdventure Trip London NL16AdventureKwiebus652 months, 1 week118.06 MBNZB
WINRiddles of the Owls Kingdom duo pack NL5PuzzleKwiebus652 months, 1 week259.33 MBNZB
WINPixel Art Super pack NL2PuzzleKwiebus652 months, 1 week221.99 MBNZB
WINRamses Rise Of Empire NL16ActionKwiebus652 months, 2 weeks604.8 MBNZB
WINFar Kingdoms Magic Mosaics 2 NL4PuzzleKwiebus652 months, 2 weeks61.61 MBNZB
WIN7 Wonders gamepack12BoardgameKwiebus652 months, 2 weeks330.19 MBNZB
WINWorlds Greatest Cities Mosaics 10 NL3PuzzleKwiebus652 months, 2 weeks93.48 MBNZB
WINPicross Hansel and Gretel NL2PuzzleKwiebus652 months, 2 weeks58.93 MBNZB
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