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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WAVGang Starr - The Ownerz (2003)3HiphopPaaldanser2 days, 14 hours603.12 MBNZB
MP3Chartbusters'18 Volume 1110Compilationretail3 days, 17 hours567.83 MBNZB
WAVDe Nederlandse Top 40 in WAV.week 45 - 20189Danceretail4 days, 3 hours1.1 GBNZB
WAV1Chartbusters'18 Volume 1115Compilationretail4 days, 6 hours1.35 GBNZB
WAVSpoonie Gee - The Godfather Of Rap (1988) wav+mp34HiphopPaaldanser2 weeks, 13 hours513.39 MBNZB
WAVParis - The Devil Made Me Do It (1990) wav+mp310HiphopPaaldanser2 weeks, 1 day688.88 MBNZB
WAVJungle Brothers - Done By The Forces Of Nature (1989) wav+mp38HiphopPaaldanser2 weeks, 2 days603.16 MBNZB
WAVHeavy D. & The Boyz - Peaceful Journey (1991) wav+mp32HiphopPaaldanser3 weeks, 4 days690.26 MBNZB
MP3Doug.E.Fresh Discography (1984-1995)9HiphopSnoop0304 weeks, 1 day764.68 MBNZB
MP3TMF (The Music FActory) VA-CoolSweat volume 1 tot 1711CompilationSnoop0301 month, 2 days2.75 GBNZB
WAVNaughty By Nature - Naughty By Nature (1991) wav+mp33HiphopPaaldanser1 month, 3 days647.22 MBNZB
WAVNaughty By Nature - 19 Naughty III (1993) wav+mp33HiphopPaaldanser1 month, 3 days629.06 MBNZB
MP3Army of Pharaohs Discography (1998-2014)2HiphopSnoop0301 month, 3 days1008.74 MBNZB
MP3Rakim Official Discography (1993-2009)4HiphopSnoop0301 month, 4 days967.75 MBNZB
MP3Eric B. & Rakim Discography (1987-2005)8HiphopSnoop0301 month, 4 days1.84 GBNZB
MP3Trapp (Featuring 2Pac & Notorious B.I.G.) - Stop The Gunfight (1997)1HiphopSnoop0301 month, 4 days129.6 MBNZB
MP3Tupac Discography (1991-2013)9HiphopSnoop0301 month, 4 days10.96 GBNZB
MP3Rahzel - Make the Music 2000 (1999)1HiphopSnoop0301 month, 4 days123.63 MBNZB
WAVMobb Deep - The Infamous (1995) wav+mp34HiphopPaaldanser1 month, 5 days715.15 MBNZB
WAVMobb Deep - Murda Muzik (1999) wav+mp32HiphopPaaldanser1 month, 5 days774.92 MBNZB
WAVDJ Muggs Presents The Soul Assassins Chapter I (1997) wav4HiphopPaaldanser1 month, 5 days506.92 MBNZB
WAVCappadonna - The Pillage (1998) wav+mp32HiphopPaaldanser1 month, 5 days703.6 MBNZB
FLACSnoop Dogg - Collection 1993-2018 [36 ALBUMS] FLAC4HiphopDownUndeR1 month, 5 days19.56 GBNZB
MP3Ghostface Killah - The Lost Tapes (2018)4HiphopSnoop0301 month, 5 days107.66 MBNZB
MP3Butch Cassidy - It's Official (2018)3HiphopSnoop0301 month, 5 days130.83 MBNZB
MP3DJ Yella (From N.W.A.) ~ One Mo Nigga Ta Go (1996)1HiphopSnoop0301 month, 5 days122.65 MBNZB
MP3Guru Discography (1993-2010)6HiphopSnoop0301 month, 5 days3.5 GBNZB
MP3N.W.A - Official Discography (1987-2008)6HiphopSnoop0301 month, 6 days2.38 GBNZB
WAVGuru - Guru's Jazzmatazz Streetsoul (2000) wav+mp38HiphopPaaldanser1 month, 6 days661.67 MBNZB
WAVGuru - Jazzmatazz volume II (The New Reality) (1995) wav+mp35HiphopPaaldanser1 month, 6 days763.38 MBNZB
WAVGuru - Jazzmatazz volume 1 (1993) wav+mp34HiphopPaaldanser1 month, 6 days472.53 MBNZB
MP3Da Lench Mob Discography (1992-1994)4HiphopSnoop0301 month, 6 days202.03 MBNZB
MP3The Roots Official DIscography (1993-2011)4HiphopSnoop0301 month, 6 days3.95 GBNZB
MP3DJ Premier Discography (1995-2012)8HiphopSnoop0301 month, 6 days5.22 GBNZB
MP3Royce da 5'9'' - Layers (2016) [hoort nog bij Discography]3HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week160.95 MBNZB
MP3Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V (2018)8HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week220.96 MBNZB
MP3Gang Starr Discography (1989-2006)7HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week1.6 GBNZB
MP3M.O.P Official Discography (1994-2014)4HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week1.91 GBNZB
MP3(Royce Da 5'9'' & DJ Premier) PRhyme 2015 & PRhyme 2 20189HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week275.95 MBNZB
MP3Royce Da 5'9'' Official Discography (2000-2018)10HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week2.56 GBNZB
MP3Lupe Fiasco Official Discoghraphy 2006-20184HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week1.95 GBNZB
MP3Ice Cube Discography (1986-2012)12HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week4.61 GBNZB
MP3Missy Elliott Official Discography (1997-2006)11RnBSnoop0301 month, 1 week1.08 GBNZB
WAVPartners In Kryme - Turtle Power (1990) [CDM] wav+mp32HiphopPaaldanser1 month, 1 week143.38 MBNZB
MP3Timbaland Official Discography (1997-2011) + Drumkits13HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week1.17 GBNZB
MP32Dr. Dre Official Discography (1987-2015)11HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week5.39 GBNZB
MP3Snoop Dogg Official Discography (1993-2018)16HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week13.2 GBNZB
MP32Pac - Makaveli Collectie (17Cd's)8HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week1.64 GBNZB
MP3Lil Wayne Official Discography8HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week5.15 GBNZB
MP3Krayzie Bone - Eternal Legend (2017)2HiphopSnoop0301 month, 1 week89.62 MBNZB
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