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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WIN4Assassins Creed Odyssey Gold Edition MULTi15-ElAmigos8ActionThePingPong1 week, 25 minutes63.16 GBNZB
WIN4DOOM.Eternal.MULTi13-ElAmigos11ActionThePingPong1 week, 1 day39.79 GBNZB
WIN1The Knights of Baphomet 2.52ActionWarrigal1 week, 1 day1.04 GBNZB
WIN2Barbarous Tavern Of Emyr NL5ActionKwiebus651 week, 6 days294.56 MBNZB
WINThe Bureau - XCOM Declassified3ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 7 hours8.2 GBNZB
WINSpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated5ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 7 hours6.43 GBNZB
WINStar Wars: Battlefront II v06.11.2019 [FitGirl Repack]11Actionoki2 weeks, 9 hours49.11 GBNZB
WINFallout - New Vegas Ultimate Edition12ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 2 days17.5 GBNZB
WINDanger Scavenger3ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 2 days919.43 MBNZB
WINConan Exiles Complete Edition10ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 2 days50.61 GBNZB
WINGrand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition11ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 2 days22.26 GBNZB
WINCrysis Quadrilogy0ActionTMT332 weeks, 3 days30.03 GBNZB
WINAlwa's Legacy1ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 3 days163.86 MBNZB
WINGrand Theft Auto III3ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 4 days654.08 MBNZB
WINMafia III Definitive Edition Update 1-CODEX7Actionoki2 weeks, 4 days4.22 GBNZB
WINMafia II Definitive Edition Update 1-CODEX1Actionoki2 weeks, 4 days1.1 GBNZB
WINBeyond - Two Souls NEW FIX3ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 5 days12.62 MBNZB
WINRobin Hood 2 Winds of Freedom CE NL7ActionKwiebus652 weeks, 5 days246.22 MBNZB
WINBeyond - Two Souls10ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 6 days31.54 GBNZB
WINDetroit Become Human8ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 6 days54.85 GBNZB
WINBeyond.Two.Souls.MULTi24-PLAZA10Actionoki2 weeks, 6 days61.04 GBNZB
WINDetroit.Become.Human-CODEX10Actionoki2 weeks, 6 days54.36 GBNZB
WINSerious Sam 3 BFE - Jewel of The Nile7ActionHoodlum3 weeks, 39 minutes4.32 GBNZB
WINSummer in Mara4ActionHoodlum3 weeks, 1 day1.28 GBNZB
WIN1Krampus is Home v1 1 0-PLAZA1Actionoki3 weeks, 1 day1.74 GBNZB
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