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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WINTY The Tasmanian Tiger 3 - Night of the Quinkan2ActionHoodlum9 hours, 53 minutes1.13 GBNZB
WINLucius.III.MULTi7-ElAmigos1AdventureThePingPong15 hours, 47 minutes6.73 GBNZB
WIN[Adult Games 18+] Wicked Choices Book One [ASLPro3D]9ActionXXXGAMES19 hours, 13 minutes4.05 GBNZB
WINTheHunter Call of the Wild Parque Fernando-CODEX2AdventureThePingPong20 hours, 24 minutes20.56 GBNZB
WIN1Christmas Wonderland collectie14AdventureKwiebus652 days, 7 hours1.88 GBNZB
WINBeLOW-CODEX5AdventureThePingPong3 days, 15 hours3.78 GBNZB
WINMemoirs of Murder - Resorting to Revenge Collector's Edition23Adventuresnaterke3 days, 16 hours756.43 MBNZB
WIN(REPOST) Alan Wake's American Nightmare (2012)1ActionTheChup4 days, 4 hours2.23 GBNZB
WINYuletide Legends 2 Frozen Hearts NL17AdventureKwiebus655 days, 14 hours1.48 GBNZB
WINYuletide Legends 1 The Brothers Claus CE NL14AdventureKwiebus655 days, 14 hours1.38 GBNZB
WINChristmas Stories 7 Alice’s Adventures CE NL9AdventureKwiebus655 days, 15 hours1.38 GBNZB
WINChristmas Eve Midnights Call NL9AdventureKwiebus655 days, 15 hours870.05 MBNZB
WINChristmas Carol NL17AdventureKwiebus655 days, 16 hours575.01 MBNZB
WINThe Christmas Spirit - Mother Gooses Untold Tales Collector's Edition27Adventuresnaterke5 days, 17 hours2.06 GBNZB
WINShopping Clutter 2 Christmas Square NL4AdventureKwiebus656 days, 4 hours174.38 MBNZB
WINChristmas Wonderland 9 NL14AdventureKwiebus656 days, 5 hours334.46 MBNZB
WINDreamwalker Never Fall Asleep NL18AdventureKwiebus651 week, 1 day1.13 GBNZB
WINOddworld Stranger's Wrath HD4ActionHoodlum1 week, 1 day3.59 GBNZB
WINOddworld Stranger's Wrath1ActionHoodlum1 week, 1 day1.89 GBNZB
WINOddworld Munch's Oddysee HD4ActionHoodlum1 week, 1 day2 GBNZB
WINOddworld Abe's Oddysee - New N' Tasty6ActionHoodlum1 week, 1 day4.75 GBNZB
WINOddworld Abe's Oddysee1ActionHoodlum1 week, 1 day541.66 MBNZB
WINOddworld Abe's Exoddus2ActionHoodlum1 week, 1 day827.83 MBNZB
WINHarry Potter en de Geheime Kamer NL4ActionHoodlum1 week, 1 day419.03 MBNZB
WINThe Tower of Beatrice7AdventureHoodlum1 week, 3 days237.57 MBNZB
WINSpirits of Mystery (12) - Whisper of the Past Collector's Edition11AdventureHoodlum1 week, 4 days1.43 GBNZB
WIN1Christmas Wonderland 916AdventureHoodlum1 week, 4 days374.26 MBNZB
WINJagged Alliance - Rage!3AdventureHoodlum1 week, 4 days7.07 GBNZB
WINHiddenverse (4) - Rise of Ariadna7AdventureHoodlum1 week, 5 days252.19 MBNZB
WINJust Cause 4 Gold Edition26ActionHoodlum1 week, 5 days50.37 GBNZB
WIN1True Fear - Forsaken Souls Part.22AdventureHoodlum1 week, 5 days883.2 MBNZB
WINDark Dimensions Collectie (5-7) NL16AdventureKwiebus651 week, 5 days3.83 GBNZB
WINDark Dimensions Collectie (1-4) NL13AdventureKwiebus651 week, 5 days3.67 GBNZB
WINBeholder.2-CODEX0AdventureThePingPong1 week, 5 days2.02 GBNZB
WINChristmas Stories (7) - Alice's Adventures Collector's Edition21AdventureHoodlum1 week, 6 days1.52 GBNZB
WINThe.Council.Episode.5-CODEX1AdventureThePingPong1 week, 6 days12.36 GBNZB
WINDark Canvas Collectie (1-3) NL19AdventureKwiebus652 weeks, 2 days1.98 GBNZB
WINLabyrinths of the World 7 A Dangerous Game CE NL30AdventureKwiebus652 weeks, 2 days1.66 GBNZB
WINParanormal Stories15Adventuresnaterke2 weeks, 5 days309.51 MBNZB
WINShadow of the Tombraider Pc -44AdventureAcardipane20172 weeks, 5 days43.53 GBNZB
WINThe Unseen Fears 3 - Last Dance Collector's Edition23Adventuresnaterke2 weeks, 6 days965.08 MBNZB
WINThe Unseen Fears (3) - Last Dance Collector's Edition1AdventureHoodlum2 weeks, 6 days1013.88 MBNZB
WINRoyal Roads Collector's Edition6ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 6 days394.52 MBNZB
WIN[ Adult Game 18+ ] Dreams Of Desire [LewdLab]16ActionXXXGAMES3 weeks, 11 hours4.56 GBNZB
WINDetective Escape 1 - Unlimited Room4AdventureHoodlum3 weeks, 14 hours185.23 MBNZB
WINMystery Expedition Prisoners of Ice NL28AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 2 days574.52 MBNZB
WINThe Legacy 3 The Tree of Might16AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 2 days1.11 GBNZB
WINDemon Hunter 5 Ascendance11AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 2 days1.03 GBNZB
WINShopping Clutter 1 The Best Playground NL9AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 2 days174.81 MBNZB
WINNo Mans Sky The Abyss Update v1 75-CODEX1AdventureThePingPong3 weeks, 2 days353.3 MBNZB
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