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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WINDeadliest Catch - Alaskan Storm13ActionHoodlum3 days, 14 hours2.24 GBNZB
WINFarm Together + DLC (multi-21) NL3SimulationHoodlum4 days, 17 hours554.01 MBNZB
WINLawnmower.Game.3.Horror-PLAZA3SimulationThePingPong1 week, 2 days3.81 GBNZB
WINPinball FX3 Update (4 Williams Table's) Vol.116SimulationHoodlum1 week, 2 days658.78 MBNZB
WINCar Mechanic Simulator 2018 Porsche-PLAZA1SimulationThePingPong1 week, 3 days10.68 GBNZB
WINJurassic World Evolution-CODEX9StrategyThePingPong1 week, 4 days5.41 GBNZB
WINOligopoly-SKIDROW3SimulationThePingPong1 week, 5 days602.01 MBNZB
WINF1 2018 Headline Edition (special edition) Multi-1025SimulationHoodlum3 weeks, 2 days26.21 GBNZB
WINJurassic World Evolution12StrategyHoodlum3 weeks, 3 days5.67 GBNZB
WINTwo Point Hospital (multi-9)6SimulationHoodlum3 weeks, 3 days1.45 GBNZB
WINCar Mechanic Simulator 2018 (multi-18)2SimulationHoodlum3 weeks, 3 days8 GBNZB
WINThe Sims 4 Seasons Update v1 45 62 1020-CODEX7SimulationThePingPong3 weeks, 3 days226.45 MBNZB
WINLiftoff - PFV Drone Racing4SimulationHoodlum3 weeks, 3 days9.76 GBNZB
WINRW add-ons DVD 081 & 08230SimulationMicrosGteam3 weeks, 4 days69.93 MBNZB
WINPro Cycling Manager 2018 v1 0 3 4 Update-SKIDROW3SimulationThePingPong3 weeks, 5 days95.6 MBNZB
WINLife is Feudal - Forest Village2SimulationHoodlum3 weeks, 5 days408.15 MBNZB
WINCity Car Driving - Home Edition (multi-16) ook NL10SimulationHoodlum3 weeks, 5 days1.9 GBNZB
WINDream.Car.Builder-SKIDROW0SimulationThePingPong3 weeks, 6 days1.43 GBNZB
WINMegaquarium2ActionHoodlum3 weeks, 6 days192.35 MBNZB
WINNo Mans Sky NEXT Update v1 60-CODEX0SimulationThePingPong4 weeks, 2 hours360 MBNZB
WINHanse - The Hanseatic League2StrategyHoodlum4 weeks, 12 hours912.7 MBNZB
WINZoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection7SimulationHoodlum4 weeks, 1 day3.38 GBNZB
WINRollerCoaster Tycoon World10SimulationHoodlum4 weeks, 1 day2.9 GBNZB
WINCivilization IV Complete Edition8StrategyHoodlum4 weeks, 2 days3.17 GBNZB
WINEast India Company Complete Collection7AdventureHoodlum4 weeks, 2 days1.92 GBNZB
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